Have you tried it? Try our tasty Cig Köfte.

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Cig Köfte – have you already tried it??

Discover the irresistible and unique taste of Cig Köfte:

  • Special tastey experience. As finger food, on the plate or as Wrap.
  • 8 ingredients, 33 spices, a unique taste
  • 100% Vegan – 100% Veggy – 100% Vegetarian
  • Only natural ingredients. No chemical additives!
  • Preparation without meat!
  • High proportion of vitamin A, E, D and B 1 & folate.
  • As well as plenty of potassium and zinc.
  • OSES Cigköfte is a full and nutritious health food
  • More than 600 stores worldwide. 3 production sites on 3 continents. Daily fresh preparation.

The irresistible taste unfolds idealy if the cig kofte is consumed refrigerated. You can enjoy this tasty experience either as finger food, on the plate or as a wrap.


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