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Çiğ Köfte

OSES Cig Köfte are made with a special recipe from the region Turkey / Adıyaman, unique and with first-class ingredients. The Cig Köfte prepared by the special recipe of Osman Yaşar are a tasteful sensation. The content contains various spices, the finest wheat, tomato puree and fresh greens. OSES Cig Köfte which is prepared without any additional meat is a whole food and therefore very healthy.

  • Rich in protein and vitamins
  • Support of the nervous and digestive system
  • It´s a full meal
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List of ingredients:

We have nothing to hide: No preservatives – free from coloring agent and only natural ingredients

Dark wheat

To prepare the Cig Köfte we use dark wheat groats commonly, because of its richness in vitamin B and metal salts is it a whole food. The Cig Köfte prepared with this wheat are a little darker. Kneading is carried out more easily and quickly. Wheat is very nutritious. It is easy to digest. It prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. It helps to reduce cholesterol and contains the nutrient lignan, which is known to prevent heart disease and cancer with its protective effect.

Red pepper

It helps the prevention of cancer and heart disease and it removes toxic chemicals from the body..


Stimulates the appetite, facilitates digestion and prevents bloating.

Side: pormegranate extract

It is recommendable when you habe diabetes, regulates blood pressure and strengthens the body against infections.


It is an iron depot, helpful in weight loss, cleans the blood, useful in kidneys and liver complaints.


The fact that walnuts contain unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, walnuts play an important role by protecting your body from cancer and heart diseases. They also reduce cholesterol and slow the aging process.


Mint makes it easier to breathe and helps with asthma, flu and bronchitis.


Lowers high blood pressure, stimulates the appetite, also antiseptic in respiratory and digestive system, helps in epidemic diseases, such as influenza, typhoid and diphtheria.

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