Our OSES design & concept

Our design underlines the mission of a pleasurable consumption of Cig Köfte – with family and friends – in a place where you feel comfortable.
Since 1993 people enjoy the unique taste of OSES Cig Köfte. A world leader in its sector, the meatless Cig Köfte benefits more than 600 franchise partners with OSES’ success.
often copied but never equaled. The irresistible taste of OSES cig köfte determines the particular mixture of the recipe. Uncompromising freshness, selected top quality ingredients ensure the unique taste of OSES.

From the first contact, to planning and implementation, internals of shop fittings and marketing & advertising concepts, future franchise customers obtain every service from one source. Persistent supervision of the franchise recipient underline our road to success. Because your success is our success.

Insight in our store concepts

Each of our stores are designed and manufactured according to the individual circumstances of the retail space. However, the basic concept of our design is always maintained so our guests find their way in every single store.

  • Vivid design
  • Insight live concept
  • comfortable ambiente
  • Welcoming atmosphere
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