Since 1993, billions of people enjoy the unique taste of OSES cig kofte. A world leader in his sector, the meatless Cig Köfte benefits more than 600 franchise partners from OSES to more
Low investment costs, no revenue sharing, a proven advertising and marketing concept, assistance with bank negotiations and the ongoing support are only a few reasonsto choose a cooperation with more
Whether shopping malls, city centers, industrial parks or at main roads, with our individual store concepts you will benefit in a lot of ways. Our priority aim: Easy access to your store and the fast preparation of more
OSES provides its customers lucrative franchise programs. In personal conversations we discuss the chances and possibilities of franchising with OSES. Become part of the global success story with the leading company in this branch of more

Why franchise with OSES?

  • Low investment costs
  • Support the franchise partner in all areas
  • Proven success concept since 1993
  • Steady growth of the franchise system
  • Entry for everyman is possible
With only 15.000 € capital you can fulfill start up your dream of independence with OSES. With our POS Station (Point of Sale), you already start up your business with only 3.000 €. Get ready?
Permanent supervision of franchise partner, continuous training and a friendly network between the various other branches.
You do not need to reinvent the wheel new. Benefit from our successful concept and put it in your region!
Confident and healthy food is more and more in the foreground. The high demand for vegan products is unrestrained (€ 650 million turnover in 2014). 2016 sales of more than 1.2 Mrd. € for the first time.
You do not need special training. Acting responsibly, close & friendly with the customer and an entrepreneurial mindset are only minor conditions for coordination required with OSES.
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