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In 1993, the foundation for OSES Çiğ kofte was set. Meanwhile, millions of customers enjoy our unique taste. With its three production sites in Germany, Turkey and China, more than 600 stores in Europe and Asia, OSES daily serves its franchise resipients fresh Çiğ Köfte. Our goal is grant everyone access to irresistible and high quality Çiğ Köfte. The High standards, the steady growth and the high demand for alternative “Fast Food” or “finger food” underline the successful path of OSES. Leading in its branch of industry and strong market position, you can also benefit from the success of the OSES as a franchise recipient. You are always welcome in the OSES family.

For every need the appropriate franchise concept:

Store, POS (Point of Sale) or Point Station

Conept: Store

  • Suitable for cities with a population of 10,000 and higher.
  • Individual and flexible furnishing
  • Distincitve picture of stores throughout in Germany
  • Investment from € 10,000

Each of our stores are designed and manufactured according to the individual circumstances of the retail space. However, the basic concept of our design is always maintained so our guests find their way in every single store.

Concept: POS (Point of Sale)

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Individually usable for shopping malls and fairs
  • Easy and comfortable to transport
  • Investment: from € 3,000

The OSES POS (Point of Sale) concept is based on bringing cig kofte easily, flexibly and fast to customers for consumption. The modular system allows you to easily and flexibly change the location of your OSES stand. The size varies according to your need and desire.

Concept: OSES gourmet station

  • Good example of larger shopping maals or park stations
  • Produced and manufactured according to European Union directives
  • Versatile choise
  • Investment: from € 10,000

The OSES gourmet station concept is based on simple, flexible and fast the cig kofte to the man to pamper consumption. TThe size varies here according to need and desire.

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Why choose the concept with OSES?

  • Minimum investment
  • Support of new franchise partners in all areas
  • Successfull concept since 1993
  • Steady growth of franchise systems
  • Access for everybody
With capital from 3.000 € you can fulfill your dream of independence with OSES.
Supervision of franchise recipients, continuous training and a lively exchange with the network between the various branches of industry.
You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Benefit from our successful concept and put it in your region!
Confident and healthy food is becoming a trend. The high demand for vegan products is unrestrained (€ 650 million annual revenue in 2014). 1.2 billion € in sales in 2016 is generated for the first time.
You do not need special training. Acting responsibly, close & friendly with the customer and an entrepreneurial mindset are minor conditions required for a cooperation with OSES.
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