1993 – a new Era has begun

Cig Köfte – for everybody

Begin: The first store

To keep up with the market, the founder Osman Yasar, decided in the early 90’s to open up more stores. Our high quality-/hygiene requirements and our irresistible taste are reaching millions of people by now.

First Cig Köfte a la turca kneading machine

In the beginning, Cig Köfte was great effortedly kneaded by hand, which was the reason why it couldn’t be brought onto a big amount of the general public. As one of the first in his line of business, Oses was significantly part of the development of the machine that could produce the Cig Köfte.

First Cig Köfte manufactury

By building the first factory after the euorpean food requirements, which was unique for that specific sector at the time, the success was being nailed. With the industrial production, the quality standards and the incomparable taste, Oses is now represented in over 55 cities with over 600 stores. Millions of Cig Köfte fans can enjoy it every day.

The first stores in Germany

In 2012, after being successful in Turkey and China, Oses decided to follow their growth and expand in Germany. From their manufacturing base in Sindelfingen, Germany (close to the Mercedes Benz factory), Oses delivers their products daily to all the stores in Germany and France.

The first investment in foreign countries

After Turkey, Oses expanded their manufacturing bases to China, Germany, France and Austria.As the first of its kind, OSES risked to expand outside of their core market Turkey.

First quality award

Oses steak tartar a la turca was deemed 2013 European Quality Award suitable of European Quality Summit held in Frankfurt, Germany. Thus, it has added one more to the first events including to this sector.

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